Jul. 1, 2021

I am so glad you are here...

Welcome to the second half of 2021! Why a fox? Fox is part of my name (thanks to the most wonderful husband in the world), and I think they are very interesting animals. Check out some facts in the article here http://mentalfloss.com/article/59739/14-fascinating-facts-about-foxes. Vee, the name my friends know me by, is also a part of my name, sort of. My name is Sylvia (Syl-vee-uh) Foxworth, and my wish is to bring you some helpful, fun and interesting material throughout the year. Each Monday will bring you my Monday's Makings, a place I will share methods, techniques, opinions, etc. As an exceptional education teacher, I run into all sorts of situations. I currently co-teach in two 8th grade English Language Arts classes, one ELA Resource class and co-teach in an 8th grade Mathematics class. I have taught everywhere from Pre-K through 22-year-olds, so if it could have been done wrong, I have probably done it. At this point I can honestly say that I am grateful for having experienced such a wide variety of situations  For some I have solutions...many I don't...but I am hoping someone out there does!  I believe someone will find some use in this area to assist them with their own lives or possibly share with someone else---LIKE ME! Each Thursday will bring Thursday's Thirst and Hunger to include recipes for various foods, drinks, snacks or desserts. I like to teach and evaluate through food, although I consider myself the "taste tester." It obviously carried over into my personal life since, both of my boys are grown and chefs in their own right. I mean, that's how they make a living!

How did I come up with these topics? I took Jeff Goins' (https://goinswriter.com/blog/) advice, and texted five different people that know me, really know me, and they described me as "a teacher," "loves working with kids", "a cook," "a domestic engineer," "possessing a race-car-driver attitude" (that's a whole story in itself from long ago), but I am kind of lumping that together with another description of me---"adventurous." The adventurous part of me is in starting this blog (again).  Then there were additional descriptions of "doing something with nature," "determined" and "funny." Now funny is one of those words that could mean funny haha or funny weird, but I did not ask for clarification. Everyone forms their own opinion anyway. 

The one thing that shocked me was that no one listed me as a Christian. Now I am not an expert, but I believe if I were living a certain way, Christian would be on that list; and, if I were living the way Jesus would have me live, it should be number one on that list. Since it was not, I will be working on that and sharing my trials and successes in this area as well. I do participate in a music ministry, Share the Faith, with Bob Osbon, Jr. and Lindy Hamilton. We provide what I call "sings" at local assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Covid, however, put a big damper on that for a while. We are beginning to get back out now. But still, as you have probably guessed, Christian living is an area I will definitely be in need of guidance...I mean it didn't even make the list. That's bad!  

If you are a guest here and would like to receive e-mail notifications whenever a new post is made, just share your e-mail with me under the "Contact Vee" tab and I will be glad to include you in our mailings. Since a fox is rather solitary and does not run in packs, I do not have a pack of recipients--YET; however, a fox is also friendly and I will gladly add each one of you to my list for weekly notices. If you have any requests for information or questions, pass those along as well. 

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you will find your way back to my little den! Looking forever forward...